Missing Home

You know, before I joined the military, anytime I was away from home, I never really got homesick. I still can’t tell if it was because of my teen angst, or because I never really was too far from home. I never hit me until probably half way though basic training, that I missed what […]

New Author

Hello everyone! Today is actually a great monday down in Georgia. Anyway, I have news I would like to share. I have allowed an old school mate start writing on this blog. He and I went to high school together at Harding, and I can’t wait for him to start writing. He will mostly be […]

Enlisted to Officer Program

Very recently, it came to my attention that my unit is in need of officers. Sadly, I am only an enlisted soldier. While the enlisted life is cool and all, I would much rather be an officer, and make twice as much as my enlisted counterparts. So naturally, I try and do some research, and […]

Nice to meet you.

Allow me to preface everything I am about to say with this: Nice to see you again.   Alright, i’ll cut out the shenanigans. Time to be serious. A lot has happened since you’ve last read anything on here. Lets just go in chronological order. Alright, the last post I made was January 17th, 2014. […]

Database Failure

It seems that the Database that keeps all of my post as failed, and, as a result, has deleted all of my posts. The strange thing about this is that you can clearly see the title of the document. I kept a local back-up of the FTP server on a local hard drive. When I […]

Edmodo Gone Wild

For those who don’t know, Edmodo is like a Facebook for education.  Anyway, I was on Edmodo just a few minutes ago, and I saw something that looked like this. A teacher, Mr. Havens, was addressing the class on the status of our final, and informing new students about how the final works in our […]

Adf.ly Links

Okay guys. Here goes. From this point forward, I will be using adf.ly links to any site OTHER THAN this one. ( ex. Link pointing to a google search picture. Link pointing to a reddit post. )   I ask that, even if you don’t want to read what the post is about, that you […]

Reddit Never Ceases to Entertain Me.

TOPIC: Worlds Greatest Plot Twist in History! Attila the Hun turning back from his conquests after talking with Pope Leo I. Well, he’s not known as Leo the Pretty Good. Leo the okay Leo the I mean I guess he was kinda cool Leo the ehh Leo the he was alright Leo the he was ok on […]

Gay Marriage Research

According to http://gaymarriage.procon.org, 25 states banned same sex marriage after the enactment of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). As of the posting of this article, 15 states allow for gay marriage, compared to the 35 states have banned gay marriage. Oddly enough, there is still new mexico, who has not taken either action. Massachusetts […]