Missing Home

You know, before I joined the military, anytime I was away from home, I never really got homesick. I still can’t tell if it was because of my teen angst, or because I never really was too far from home. I never hit me until probably half way though basic training, that I missed what I had at home. Maybe not because of actually being away, but probably because of the environment I was in. I’ve never been away from my parents for more than a week, and being gone for 70 days + another 70 for AIT really gets to you.

Luckily, I have had great contact with my parents while here, and the friendship support is great. I haven’t missed home as much now that I have constant communication with my dad. Everyone around me is in an extremely similar situation. We have one soldier who’s wife just had a baby, another who’s girlfriend just found out she is pregnant. Lots of great things. I think everyone’s morale is ten times better since we were able to go home for Christmas. ┬áIt just made everyone’s moods better.

But of course, with great success comes some failures. In my class alone we had 5 people fall a certain class pertaining to our job. Another class had 12 people fail that class. We had people cheating to pass a different classes test. People have become complacent, and they don’t care. They have lost all respect for the rules, and lost all discipline as US Army Soldiers. It sickens me some of the people I see in my classes. All I know is I wouldn’t want them fighting with me on the battle field. That is all I leave out on the internet.

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