Enlisted to Officer Program

Very recently, it came to my attention that my unit is in need of officers. Sadly, I am only an enlisted soldier. While the enlisted life is cool and all, I would much rather be an officer, and make twice as much as my enlisted counterparts.

So naturally, I try and do some research, and see if I am even able to go to officer from enlisted. I found out that the only option I have as a soldier of the Oklahoma National Guard is to stay within National Guard unit, and complete two years of school. No ROTC or anything, just complete the two years of school. Then on my third year of school ( academically, my Junior Year ) enroll in the ROTC Program. Then, when I graduate, I will be able to join as an officer. Looking forward to this, because I only have to complete one more year of school before I am able to enroll in the ROTC Program. That is a story for another day.


But why would I want to go officer if I am already enlisted? Because, if I am going to college, like I already planned, Why not try to make more money, and have a higher quality of life. All it is for me, is making a better future for my self, while spending the same amount of money for college. Win Win for everyone.

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