Nice to meet you.

Allow me to preface everything I am about to say with this: Nice to see you again.


Alright, i’ll cut out the shenanigans. Time to be serious. A lot has happened since you’ve last read anything on here.

Lets just go in chronological order.

Alright, the last post I made was January 17th, 2014. I had just turned 17. I recently started school at a different high school than the one I was previously attending. Things were weird for me. I felt a little Isolated. It made it hard ti find friends since it was the middle of the school year. But all you, and anyone can do in that situation is just keep going. Push day by day. Eventually I made a friend. Then another one. And then another one. Before I knew it, I had a group of friends with whom I was with every day for lunch.

Thats when things got really interesting. You see, I got my Drivers License, If I remember right, in March. I could finally go wherever I wanted, which usually ended up being to friends houses, work, and school. That’s where it became fun. School actually turned into a fun thing for a few days, only because I got to drive there, drive to lunch with friends, and then drive home. It also led to me needing to find a better job than the one I had. Previously, I was working with the City of Oklahoma City, Parks and Recreation Department. It was a fun job, and I still to this day go there anytime I can. But I needed to pay bills that, for the first time in my life, I knew I had to pay. No getting around it just because they were going to my parents. So I got a job at McDonalds. Worked there for a while, then left in September. Not a bad gig.

That leads us to the next chapter in my life. Senior Year. The year that everyone see that reality has to hit you, and it hits you hard. I made the poor choice in sleeping in one of my classes everyday. Assuming I was actually in class. Yeah. That’s right. At the time, I thought it was smart. Skip class every now and then, and I’ll be okay. Yeah except I wasn’t okay. I ended up not passing a single class my first semester, which, as we all know, is NOT a good thing. So I had to do something. I ended up talking to the councilor, and got placed into an alternative education school. This would allow me to fast track the courses I needed to take, by offering classes in a modular structure. Basically, it worked like this. Each class is broken into so many modules, so for example my English class had 17 modules. In each module there are up to 7 worksheets. The whole idea is that you complete one module a day, and you’ll graduate with your graduating class. Except that lies the issue. I needed 2 a day. So I had to work super hard to get done what I needed. Some days i would complete 3-4 modules, others I would barely be able to complete one module. Some classes were easier, like Financial Literacy, which was entirely online, so I was able to do it online at the time. Eventually, I got enough done to consider my self done.

I did it. I graduated high school. I completed all my courses before the rest of my class did. I completed my work on April 20th, and graduation wasn’t till May 20th, to give you an idea. So here we are, summer of 2015. Actually, I need to back track just a little bit. Lets go back to March, 2015. One day, after lots of careful planning, and researching, I decided I wanted to join the Oklahoma National Guard. Just so happened about a week later, the Recruiter came to my alternative school. I talked to him, gave him my information, and worked out a day to go enlist. So Friday, March 13, I am woken up at 4:30am to load up onto buses to be taken to the Oklahoma City Federal Building. There, I enlisted myself into the National Guard. Except, I never informed my parents of, which looking back I should have before I did so, just so I can share that moment of enlistment with them. But I digress.

So now the date is August 17th, 2015. The month I am set to ship off to Basic Combat Training. I have said goodbye to my good friends and to my family, and informed them i won’t see a lot of them until Christmas. I could see just by the smiles on everyone’s faces when I would them when i’d be back that they knew I’d be a changed man. So my parents and I say good bye until October 29th, which is graduation day. I got on the silver jet, and flew to Columbia South Carolina. Goodbye Free world.

So here it is. Family day. First time to see them after everything i’ve done. ┬áSo much has happened, I have so many stories to tell them. The entire time throughout Boot Camp was the visualization of my mother and fathers faces when they got to see me again. Happiness, Joy, and Pride are all emotions that come to mind when I recall this image. We marched out onto the parade field, and stood at parade rest waiting for our families to come and find us. While we were never told that we couldn’t just run out and try to find them, we all knew better than that, plus we wanted to look as sharp as we could. I see my dad. Wait. I think it is him. Wait. I know it is him. I can tell. He is the only person i can see that would wear denim jeans with a dress shirt. In the rain might I add. I fall out of the formation by taking a 15 inch step to the rear, and then run directly for my dad. I’ve been waiting for this moment for what has seemed like a long time, but was actually just 10 weeks. I run, and yell out the word,” Dad!” I then realized that everyone here might have a “Dad” here to see them, So I call out my dad’s first name. He turns around, and there I am. I was so happy to see him, that I jumped into his arms. It was nice. I never usually hug my dad, but this was an instance that deserved a hug. I let go of my dad, turn around, and there is my mom. Eyes watering, just like mine, and I hug her. That’s all I really feel like sharing about right now, since my eyes are watering again. Just know that it was nice, emotional, and well needed.

I’ll say it in the most boring way, but nothing of interest happens while I am in Augusta Georgia. But then it becomes December 18th, and I get to go home. So I get on the plane, just like all the other 100,000 soldiers trying to go home. I land and my father is there to pick me up. Another great reunion. So I got to go home, sleep in my own bed again, and Celebrate Christmas with my family. The date I am writing this on is December 30th, 2015. Therefore, we have not gone into the new year yet, but I will be able to celebrate that with the family.


I want to end this blog post with why I chose to write it at 7:00 AM, leading into 7:48AM. Times change, as well as people. We all need to learn to start becoming accepting of people, regardless of what is going on with them. I was almost a high school dropout, but I persevered, and graduated High School. I never thought I would be strong enough to complete Boot Camp. But I did that. I never thought I would make it to where I am in life. A wise man once told me that life is a giant hall way of opportunities. Start opening doors, and you’ll soon realize that more and more keep opening. If you were to ask the Alex who just transferred schools, felt isolated, and didn”t have a car where he saw him self in 2 years, it wouldn’t be where I am today, that is for sure. Stay positive. Things can, and will change for the better, you just have to keep working towards it.


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