Edmodo Gone Wild

For those who don’t know, Edmodo is like a Facebook for education.  Anyway, I was on Edmodo just a few minutes ago, and I saw something that looked like this. A teacher, Mr. Havens, was addressing the class on the status of our final, and informing new students about how the final works in our school. Then, in the replies section, or the comments section, A few students allowed a simple address to go completely wrong, and off topic. Take a look for yourself

“Jordan H. •
Thx, we’ll see whats going to be hard or not. (wink wink, nudge nudge)

Isabel R. •
Get out of town…

Jordan H. •
I am “Out of town”.

Mr. Havens •
So very, very out of town. I am tempo.

Jordan H. •
In Funky-Town.

Mr. Havens •
There are no other towns.

Jordan H. •
Lol True, everytown is a Funky-Town. p.s Are you tired if so, you could sleep if you want to. P.S.S Do you know of a flamable powder and that is really cheap in every gas station/store.

Mr. Havens •
I’m a nightowl.
Most powders are somewhat flammable, including flour. Anything that is remotely flammable and finely mixed will do things with fire. Explosions can happen.
This is all just basic information anyone could read on Wikipedia. Don’t be that guy that blows himself or anyone else up. I’m not responsible for you.”


How the subject goes from Funky Town to Flammable powders is beyond me.

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